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There are certain regulatory requirements that must be met by businesses or individuals planning to purchase or take possession of X ray equipment in Australia. Facilities that house radiation-producing equipment are often required to be fitted with radiation shielding. Shielding simply means having something that will absorb radiation between you and the source of the radiation.

Australian Radiation Shielding Advisory Services (ARSAS) provides radiation-shielding assessments to enable its clients to meet their obligations under their State or Territory radiation safety legislation. We can provide a shielding report that meets the Department’s requirements and assist in expediting your application for a radiation management license.

The purpose of radiation shielding is to limit radiation exposure to employees and members of the public outside the x-ray room to an acceptable level, as determined by legislation.


All medical practices that possess radiology equipment are required to have a radiation management license in Victoria. The Department of Health often requires an assessment of the minimum amount of shielding that is required in the walls, doors, floor and ceiling of the room in which the radiation source is will be installed to ensure that no person receives a radiation dose in excess of the relevant radiation protection limits specified in the Radiation Regulations 2007. This requirement also applies to mobile X-ray units used primarily in one location.


Australian Radiation Shielding Advisory Service (ARSAS) provides the expertise and tools to streamline the often-burdensome processes required to complete radiation-shielding assessments and obtain the appropriate dental radiation management licenses. Our team will manage and expedite the licensing process with Radiation Safety in the Department of Health.  Initiating and maintaining your dental radiation management license with ARSAS will save significant time and money to your business and practice enabling you to concentrate on your practice and patients.