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Contact us today to discuss your current or future licensing requirements. Our radiation licensing consultant will assist you to plan your current and future licensing needs to ensure compliance with the Department of Health (DHHS) Victoria and to avoid unnecessary expenditure.

Management Licence Services

In order to purchase, install, operate or possess irradiating apparatus in Victoria a Management Licence must be obtained from the Department of Health. Once the Management Licence has been approved and licensing fees paid you can then proceed to make an application to register the equipment. To register equipment a Notification of acquisition or disposal of a radiation source form must be submitted to the Department of Health. Please note that each Management Licnce has certain conditions. A Management Licence which authorises possession or disposal of a radiation source has a condition which requires the licence holder to notify the Department within 14 days of taking possession or disposing of a radiation source.


Managing the administrative aspect of licensing such as preparing applications and supporting documents can be a time-consuming and at times frustrating affair. If you don't have all of the necessary paperwork in order you risk having your application returned without being processed, costing you valuable time and delaying the use of your equipment....

We have much experience in management of licensing matters for small and large organisations alike. We can help you with:

  • One-off licence applications
  • Licensing for new practices or major facilities
  • Review and compliance assessment of existing licences


  • A Management Licence must be obtained and approved and paid for before taking possession of an x-ray unit.
  • Management Licences contain certain conditions which you should understand
  • A licence holder is required to notify the Department of Health within 14 days of taking possession or disposing of a radiation source
  • Take physical possession of a radiation source that your management licence authorises you to have.
  • Dispose of a radiation source that you have been authorised to possess. Disposal includes any arrangement to permanently remove the radiation source from your possession. For example, selling your X-ray unit to another licence holder; permanently disabling your X-ray unit and scrapping the components; returning a sealed radiation source to the manufacturer.
  • Replace a radiation source in your possession. For example, if you upgrade an existing X-ray unit to a newer model, you must submit a notification of acquisition of the new unit and a notification of disposal of the old unit.
  • Move a radiation source from one location to another (including out of Victoria). Information about the anticipated processing time for management licence related applications can be found on our website.


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